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Hi I'm kailuh. I luv PUGS, disney and illustration.

This is my baby Gusgus


and i’m so in love with his bratty little self.

My baby!!

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I haven’t been online very much because I met the love of my life! My baby Gus-Gus is so perfect. Even if I came home to puppy poop paw prints smeared all over my bathroom. I’m dying over how cute he is. He was napping on the bed when I laid down on the other side, then he woke up and crawled over to me to cuddle. I can’t deal with how cute he is!

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if you’re reading this i’m beautiful

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Cleaning this place is too hard… we have too much stuff… uggghhhh

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Leaving for tucson at 3am. My coworker is coming with us… its gonna be a lil awkwaaard. but whatever. 
only gonna be in town for the day and then we are going back to flag at night. its a little hecktic but I can’t wait to meet my puggy. 

I have to prepare for his arrival! I will be spending all night cleaning the dorm so if he comes home with us he’ll be comfortable and won’t be able to tear things up! 

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What if you were really excited to hear your online friend’s voice for the first time and you finally pick up the phone and it turns out they’re voiced by Vic Mignogna


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"Brother, why have you forsaken me?"



"Brother, why have you forsaken me?"

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